Quail Earrings

Quail Earrings

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These are pure silver quail earrings burnished with 24k gold foil and accented with patina.

I hand drew the quails on Scratch foam then used the hand drawn image to make the impression into moist Precious metal clay. The design has a fine texture. The outline was cut around the birds.

 I love quail, they look so sweet when the chicks are hatched and they are running in a line after the parents. When I was pregnant I would see them out and about, which made me want to make them into jewelry years later. Also I loved the Partridge family show when I came to this country.

When the quail earrings came out of the kiln I burnished them with 24K gold and painted them with patina. The patina accents are lovely blues and and copper sheens.

Dimensions : 1 and 1/2 inch X 3/4 inch. Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.

PLEASE NOTE : This particular pair has just sold. However I can recreate another pair as a Custom Order. It will not look exactly the same since I make everything from scratch. For instance the gold and patina may be differently placed.