Redwood Cone Necklace

Redwood Cone Necklace

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This particular necklace was inspired by a friend of mine. She picks up redwood cones on her hikes and wondered if I could make a pendant or pair of earrings using the cones as a template.

I wanted to get them cast so that they would retain their lovely shape. I was able to purchase some redwood cones cast in sterling silver. I had to saw away the sprue button, flatten the surface, solder a disc and a jump ring for the chain to make the pendant ready.

I then used a technique called depletion gilding to bring the pure silver up to the surface of the piece. I was able to burnish 24K Gold foil onto the surface. This technique is called Keum Boo. I did not paint on any patina because I wanted to maintain the shine of both the silver and gold. The silver has a frosty look to it.

Since the casting process uses a lot of silver these are relatively heavy.

The pendant is simple but stunning, quite a statement piece.

Dimensions : 1 and 1/2 inches X 3/4 inches. Sterling silver box chain or snake chain 18 inches.