Persimmon Calyx with Amethyst

Persimmon Calyx with Amethyst

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My friend has a bountiful Persimmon tree. I gathered Persimmon Calyx under the tree and selected the intact ones. I cleaned the calyx to remove dust and mud. I painted the calyx 10 times with silver paste. The calyx was dried thoroughly between coats. I inserted a lab amethyst into the center of the calyx securing it with little balls of silver clay. I created a Baile behind the upper leaf.

After firing in the kiln, the organic calyx burned off, leaving me with a 999 Pure silver impression of the calyx, beautiful texture and all. In the center was the amethyst looking very regal. I burnished 24K Gold foil on the 4 calyx leaves which fused with the pure silver, a process called Keum Boo. I painted patina to get the lovely blue and purple colors.

I hadn't realized that Persimmon Calyx are dried and used in Chinese medicine. 

Dimensions : 2 inches X 2 inches. Sterling silver snake chain 16 inches

PLEASE NOTE : This piece is on display at the "Curated by the Sea" Gallery at 703 Front Street in downtown Santa Cruz. It can be purchased from there.

If you have no access to this Gallery get in touch with me, I can create a custom piece.