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Pendant Pure Silver "Sunset At The Lake"

Pendant Pure Silver "Sunset At The Lake"

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I took a class at Creator Haven with Pat Evans in Resin and Alcohol Inks. This lovely pendant was made in that class.

It was a fun class and I learned new skills. Pat is a great teacher.

This pattern was first drawn then the outlines were made using silver clay in a syringe. The outline was repeated to produce a strong base Silver loops were made for the upper part to have the chain go through, and loops as well as figure 8 shapes, were created for the lower end of the pendant. The completed dried sturdy form was then fired in the kiln at 1650 degrees for 2 hours. The pure 999 silver form was tumbled in a rock tumbler to make it shine.

The blue was mixed with a little white and the resin to produce the swirled effect of water in the lake. The same was done with purple and pink for the sunset colors. The figure eights were filled with blue and white to give the impression of droplets. The resin had to be added a layer at a time and dried with an Ultra Violet light dryer between each layer. I added a lapis bead in the center to add to the droplet effect. It is a dreamy piece like the memory of an evening over the ocean.

Dimensions: 2 and 1/2 inches X 1 and 3/4 inches on an 18 inch sterling silver box chain.

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