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Buddha Surrounded By Light Pendant

Buddha Surrounded By Light Pendant

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Buddha Surrounded By Light Pendant

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Buddha is seated in meditation on what looks like a very large lotus. He is surrounded by rays of light.

Gautam Buddha was born in India. He learned as a young Prince Siddharth that life for the average person was filled with sorrow, poverty, disease, old age, and death. He renounced his kingdom and took on the robes and begging bowl of a monk. After years of searching for the truth, he had many disciples and spoke about the liberty from envy, anger, attachment, and wealth. His message spread to China and Japan through traveling pilgrims.

This pendant is made of pure 999 silver. There is a baile above Buddha's head. 24K Gold foil is burnished onto Buddha's seat. Patina was painted onto the rays of light. The mixed metal look is very striking.

Dimensions: Diameter 1 and 1/4 inch. Sterling silver 18 inch box chain.


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