Double sided pendant maple leaf
Double sided pendant pure silver/ 24K Gold foil

Pendant Silver And Gold Double Sided.

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This is a two-sided pendant.

One side has a maple leaf design layered on a textured background. It started out with silver clay, with the maple leaf design on one side and the button design on the other side. The two sides were joined. The pendant was put in the kiln and came out as pure 999 silver It was burnished with 24K gold foil on both sides, and accented with patina. The pendant is enhanced by a sterling silver neck wire  with an elegant clasp.

The button design which has a floral pattern was given to me by a dear friend.

When you flip the pendant on the neck wire you have a totally new and different pendant. So it is basically having 2 pendants with one neck wire.

A very special statement piece.

PLEASE NOTE: This pendant sold recently. I can create one for you as a CUSTOM ORDER.