Krishna Pendant
Krishna Pendant

Krishna Pendant

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I created a photo frame using Precious metal clay in two layers with an opening for the painting. I textured the back of the frame. After firing, the two sides were burnished with 24K Gold foil, so that the pure 999 silver and gold fused, a process called Keum Boo. I painted the frame with patina to accentuate the textures.

I have a book of Basohli paintings with colored photographs. I copied the painting of Krishna on a color copier, cut it to size, treated it so that the inks would not leak and inserted it when dry into the photo frame. The next step was to mix up the high gloss epoxy resin and slowly drizzle it on top of the Krishna painting just enough to cover it. It cured for 3 days and ended up giving the photo a clear glass like finish. Since the back of the frame is also textured and burnished with gold foil the pendant can be worn both ways.

Krishna is one of the forms or Avatars of Vishnu from the Hindu pantheon. As a boy he is depicted as the cowherd full of mischief, stealing freshly churned butter and hiding the clothes of the bathing village maidens. He protects the villagers from rainstorms and snakes. He is depicted with blue skin because he drinks the snake's poison to protect the villagers.

We read about him in the Epic Mahabharata, comforting Arjun, who is reluctant to go to war against his cousins. The Bhagavad Geeta is written about Krishna counselling Arjuna on the battlefield.

This is a handsome pendant which could be worn by anyone and would dress up any outfit.

Dimensions :  A little over 1 inch square. 16 inch sterling silver snake chain.

PLEASE NOTE : This pendant just sold. However I can custom create it a similar one if you are interested. It will not be identical since I make everything from scratch.