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This bee pendant was made using silver clay and a bee form I have.  The honeycomb texture in the background, is from a plate I etched some time back. I made a lovely baile using the same honeycomb texture to suspend the pendant on a chain. It is 999 pure silver burnished with 24K gold foil, a process called Keum Boo. Patina is painted on for accent.

I love honeybees and worry about our world without honeybees. So many hives have died due to pesticides and virus. We need these little guys to fertilize our flowers. Honey of course is delicious, but for the good of our planet and eco system we must have plenty of healthy bees.

This pendant was on display at "Curated by the Sea" Gallery on Front Street in Downtown Santa Cruz. It is available for purchase on the website.

Dimensions : 1 inch X 1 and 1/4 inch X 2/16th inch. 16 inch snake chain.

PLEASE NOTE : This pendant just sold. However I could custom make another one. It will not be exactly the same, since I make everything from scratch. For instance the application of the gold or patina may be different.