Etched Emerald Pendant 2 Sided Copper
Etched Emerald Pendant 2 Sided Copper

Etched Emerald Pendant 2 Sided Copper

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Etching is a fun but time consuming process. I started with sheet copper, prepared a pattern on special paper. The design was burnished on to the heated metal. The special paper was peeled off leaving the design on the copper. The copper sheet was then floated on an acid bath. The exposed metal got etched with the selected pattern. After getting a sufficient etch the metal was neutralized in a bath and scrubbed clean.

I annealed the metal and hammered it to give it a curve. The metal was filed, sanded to make the sides smooth and then cleaned to accept the enamel.

I darkened the etched lines then enameled the etched side with transparent green enamel, then enameled the opposite side with a transparent rose enamel and placed blue glass strings on the surface in the shape of a hand.

This pendant can be worn either side. It has 2 distinct colors and designs on each side which make it a 2 in one pendant.

Dimensions: 2 inches X 1 and 1/4 inches. Sterling silver snake chain 18 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: This pendant will be on Display at the Pajaro Valley Arts show from August 25th till October 3rd 2021.

This just sold at the Gallery.