Green Leaf Sprig Pendant

Green Leaf Sprig Pendant

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This was made in a class using the teacher's green leaf sprig stamp. The aim was to learn how to enamel on 999 pure silver. The pattern chosen needed to have hollows or cells in it to accommodate the enamel. 

 Precious Metal clay pure 999 silver was rolled out thick enough to take the imprint without tearing the clay. It was fired in a kiln at 1645 degrees for 2 hours. What came out of the kiln was a pure 999 silver piece with the imprint of the leaf sprig.

Drops of distilled water were added to various shades of green enamel in separate little plastic dishes. Not much was needed. It was then painted into the leaf hollows. With each additional color the piece was  fired in a 1500 degree kiln for 2-3 minutes. This gave the leaf it's shading. The perimeter was burnished with 24K Gold foil, a process called Keum Boo.

This is a lovely pendant which is a constant reminder of spring, no matter what the season is.

Dimensions : 1.75 inches X 0.5 inches. 16 inch sterling silver snake chain.