Etched sterling silver cuff/ patina

Etched Sterling Silver Cuff Indian Design

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Etched Sterling silver cuff or bracelet. I took the pattern from one of my Indian design books. The pattern was accented with patina painted on.

Etching is a fun but time consuming process. You start out with sheet silver. You choose your pattern, in this case from my Indian design book, and print it on special paper. You burnish the design on to the heated metal and then peel off the paper. The silver sheet is then floated on an acid bath. The exposed metal gets etched with the selected pattern. The silver is then placed in a neutralizing bath. The blue paper is scrubbed off with a solvent.

After cleaning, filing and smoothing the rough edges of the metal I polished it. I painted it with patina to show off the design I had etched. I formed the cuff on a mandrel.

Dimensions 6 inches long, 1 inch and a quarter wide.

Since it is an open cuff it should fit most wrists. The pattern is geometrical and could be worn by anyone.