Etched sterling silver Indian pattern

Etched Sterling Silver Cuff With Indian Motif

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This is an etched Sterling silver cuff or bracelet. The pattern was from one of my Indian design books. Patina was painted on for accent.

Etching takes a while. I picked out my pattern, copied it onto a special paper. I heated the silver and then burnished the paper onto the sterling silver. The silver was floated in a warmed bath of a mild acid which etched into the unprotected part of the lines of silver. After the etch was sufficiently deep the metal was put in a neutralizing bath. The blue pattern paper was scrubbed off with a solvent.

The silver was cleaned, filed, sanded, polished, and formed into a rounded cuff. The etched lines were painted with patina to add accent and color.

Dimensions 6 inches X 1 and 1/4 inch

Since this is an open Cuff it should fit most wrists.