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Egyptian Coil Chain Copper Necklace

Egyptian Coil Chain Copper Necklace

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The copper necklace starts out as a straight piece of cut copper wire. The wire ends are filed to smooth them. Then the wire is coiled at each end and bent in the center. It is bent again over itself. This is done with multiple strands of wire of equal length. The bent coiled pieces are slid one into the other to form the chain. 

Apparently the Egyptians used this circle adornment as did many cultures all over the world. The name Egyptian chain apparently comes from that past.

It takes a while to cut the wire, coil it and assemble it. Egyptian chain can be made in silver, gold fill or a mixture of all three. It is very striking worn on the wrist as a bracelet, particularly when it is fitted snugly to the wrist. 

My friend had seen the Egyptian chain bracelet and asked if I could make her a necklace, which would curve around her neck with the coils but with decorative copper chain in the back. As you can see it looks lovely on her.

Dimensions: 17 inches

PLEASE NOTE: This necklace sold recently. If you wish to place a CUSTOM ORDER I can create one for you.

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