Earrings Snakeskin Background With Overlay Pattern

Earrings Snakeskin Background With Overlay Pattern

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I first pressed the snakeskin like texture into the Precious metal silver clay. The texture was actually lace. Then I cut out the oval shape using a stencil.

I have interesting design stamps which I pressed into the clay, cut them out and refined them. I then adhered them onto the wet clay using a bit of clay slip, which is clay mixed with some water. After pressing them on I let them dry and then smoothed the dry clay with  flexible sanding pads.

When the 999 pure silver earrings came out of the kiln I burnished the overlay stamps with 24K Gold foil and painted portions of the earrings with patina to get blue and green tints.

The resulting earrings are unique, lovely and whimsical, multi colored and textured.

Dimensions: 1 and 1/2 inches X 5/8th inch

Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.