Etched Copper Cuff Wide

Etched Copper Cuff Wide

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Etched Copper Cuff with a neutral pattern.

Etching takes a while. I copied my pattern onto special paper. I heated the copper and then burnished the paper pattern onto the heated metal. After burnishing, the pattern transferred onto the metal and the paper was peeled off. The copper was floated in a warmed bath of a mild acid, which etched into the unprotected part of the copper. After the etch was sufficiently deep the metal was put in a neutralizing bath. The blue pattern paper was scrubbed off with a solvent.

After cutting it out of the copper sheet with a jeweler's saw it was filed, sanded, and polished. the cuff was formed on a mandrel. I then painted it with patina to give intriguing blues, greens and reds on copper. 

This copper cuff is elegant and can be worn by anyone. Many people feel copper has health benefits. I like the color and comfortable feel.

Dimensions: 6 and 1/2 inches X 1 and 1/4 inches