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Copper Viking knit Chain Necklace

Copper Viking knit Chain Necklace

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Making a Viking knit chain is an intensive labor of love. It starts out as copper wire which is woven on a wooden dowel. When you come to the end of a piece of wire you twist on another piece and keep weaving. When the desired length has been achieved the "rope" is pulled through a draw plate and it lengthens as it is pulled through a smaller and smaller aperture. The extra pieces of wire, which is how how weaving started, are cut off. The chain is softened by annealing, rolling and making sure no sharp ends are pushing through the "rope". The ends are covered with beads. A clasp is added and voila you have a chain.

Does copper have medicinal properties ? I don't know, my uncle certainly thought it did. I just like the color and the feel of the chain.

Dimensions: 22 inches long X 1/4 inch wide.


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