Buddha pendant pure silver/ 24K Gold foil

Buddha Pendant Pure Silver With 24k Gold Foil

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This pendant was made starting out with pure silver precious metal clay. The Buddha design was pressed into the moist clay, which was dried and then kiln fired. It came out of the kiln as a pure 999 silver medallion. It was then burnished with 24K Gold foil, a process called Keum Boo. Then it was accented with patina. 

Buddha was born in India, was secular, believed in gender equality, a prince who left the pleasures of royalty to help the common person. He was an amazing man for his time. His message spread all over the world, carried initially by Chinese and Japanese pilgrims, who came to India to hear him speak and carry his message back to their home countries.

Dimensions: The diameter of the Buddha medallion is 1 inch and a quarter.

The included 17" neck wire is elegant. It is sterling silver, gold plated and diamond cut. It has a smooth beautifully formed sliding clasp.

PLEASE NOTE : This pendant just sold. However I can create a custom pendant. It will not be identical since I make everything from scratch.