Necklace Viking Knit Silver And Copper

Necklace Viking Knit Silver And Copper

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Viking knit is is a slow meditative process. You start out with copper petals arranged bent over on a dowel and keep weaving them till the wire you started out with ends and you join it to the next wire. I start out with copper then switch to sterling silver. When I have the desired length I pull it through a draw plate which lengthens it as well as making it a tighter weave.

In this necklace the silver is tucked into silver beads and and has lapis beads as joiners.

The two ends which meet at the back are copper weave and are tucked into copper beads with a silver clasp to close the necklace.

I like the bimetal look with the blue lapis beads which set off both the silver as well as the copper.

Dimensions: 20 and 1/2 inches in length, 1/4 inch width.