Amethyst Ring Pure Silver with 24K Gold Foil

Amethyst Ring

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This ring was made with a snake skin type texture. I started out with a silver clay product called EZ 960 which is a mixture of pure silver and sterling silver.

The stone is an amethyst lab stone and 24K gold is burnished into the band. I embedded a pure silver bezel into the clay band before firing it in the kiln.

Making a ring using clay is a complex process. The thickness of the clay rolled out is thicker than other pieces of jewelry. The ring size is typically made 2 sizes larger than what you want the final size to be since the organic material will burn off in the kiln shrinking the size of the ring.

This time I used EZ 960 but sometimes I will use pure 999 silver instead. As long as you start out with a thick band and fire it in the kiln for 2 hours the resulting ring is strong and solid. 

The stone was inserted and tapped down into the bezel after the ring came out of the kiln and the 24K Gold foil was burnished onto the band. The claws of the bezel hold the stone firm.

Dimensions Ring size 7 and a half