Ring Gold Leaves On Seaweed Texture Six And A Half Size

Ring Gold Leaves On Seaweed Texture Six And A Half Size

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This ring was made using Precious metal silver clay. I used a wavy background texture and then hand cut the leaves and adhered them to the ring surface when dry, with moist silver clay. The leaves were set up in a circlet form all around the ring. The clay ring was refined using sand paper and flexible sanding pads which were cut into strips. When I was satisfied that the inner part of the ring was smooth the ring was fired on a ring patty which was correctly sized for the ring.

After 2 hours in the kiln the pure 999 silver ring was then burnished, just on the leaf surface with 24K gold foil. This is a tricky process because the ring has to be heated to 700 degrees before the gold foil can be burnished into the silver to fuse it. Rings tend to roll so it has to be secure while burnishing the gold on.

After the gold was burnished on the ring was delicately painted with patina to give the  accents of blue, green and purple.

This is unique and one of kind. I doubt I could duplicate it even if I tried.

Rings can be time consuming but it is always fun when someone falls in love with the ring and wears it all the time.

Dimensions : Ring size 6 and a half