Pendant With Silver bead, Abalone Shell And Pink Pearl

Pendant With Silver bead, Abalone Shell And Pink Pearl

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I made the hollow bead starting out with Precious metal silver clay. The clay was pressed on a form to create a textured half cup. An identical half cup with different texture was joined to the first one when both half cups were dry. The center of the bead was joined using syringe clay and smoothed to shape the bead.

A pattern was created on the join area.The bead was fired in the kiln. What came out was pure 999 silver. The center portion of the bead was burnished with 24K gold foil. Patina was painted on for accent. 

An Abalone shell and pink pearl  were put on top of a decorative head pin with the silver/ gold bead at the top. The pendant was hung on a sterling silver chain.

A very pretty, colorful, decorative pendant which is handmade and one of kind. It looks stylish as well as simple and will go with any outfit.

Dimensions : Silver/ Gold Bead is 5/8 th wide, pendant is 1 and 1/2 inches long.

Sterling silver snake chain is 18 inches long.