Pendant Seahorse With Ocean Background

Pendant Seahorse With Ocean Background

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I made the background of the pendant with an ocean scene with a sea star and sea shell, using a stamp I have.

I used another stamp to press the seahorse onto the Precious metal silver clay. I cut out the rectangular shaped frame and placed it on top of the first surface, so that it would give it another dimension, and be the primary focus. The two pieces were joined with silver slip or clay and water mixed together so that the seahorse could adhere to the background.

I then used a stencil to cut out the oval and let it dry. When it came out of the kiln I had a 999 pure silver piece. I burnished the seahorse with 24K gold and then used patina accent on top to get my favorite blues, greens and purples. It was quite magical as to how they all came together.

The pendant is lovely particularly for all those who love seahorses and oceans.

Dimensions: 1 and a 1/4 inch long. 3/4 inch wide

Sterling silver chain 18 inches