Sunburst Carnelian Pendant

Sunburst Carnelian Pendant

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I pressed this lovely texture into Precious Metal sliver clay and cut out the circle using a stencil. I placed a pure silver bezel into the center and adhered it to the surface using syringe silver clay.

When the Pure 999 silver piece came out of the kiln I soldered silver wire to the upper part of the silver disc to create a loop. I burnished the medallion with 24K Gold foil triangular shapes. I painted the surface with patina and got amazing green, blue and purple colors which glisten when you hold the medallion at any angle. The gold and all these colors are a stunning contrast.

Finally I tapped the carnelian cabochon into the bezel and secured it by burnishing the sides and upper part.

This is a stunning stylish piece which will go with any evening wear but could also be worn for regular wear.

Dimensions: I inch diameter

Sterling silver snake 18 inch chain.