Lapis Indian Style Pendant

Lapis Indian Style Pendant

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I used an typical Indian earring of mine as a stamp to get the texture for this by pressing it into Precious metal silver clay. I really like the details of the granulations and the etched appearance. I positioned a pure silver bezel at the top and adhered that to the dried and smoothed pattern using pure silver syringe clay.

When the pure silver 999 piece came out of the kiln it was burnished with 24K Gold foil at  the lower end and patina was painted on the granulations and some of the other parts of the pattern.

Finally the lapis cabochon was tapped into the bezel and secured by burnishing the sides and upper part.

This pendant looks very regal with the royal blue of lapis and gold and silver metal.

A stylish statement piece.

Dimensions: 1 inch X 1 inch

Sterling silver snake chain 18 inches.