Pendant Aztec Geometrical Design

Pendant Aztec Geometrical Design

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This is an etched sterling silver pendant. There is some hammer texture on the final pattern to accentuate it. 

Etching is a fun but time consuming process. You start out with sheet silver. You choose your pattern, in this case from my Aztec design book, and print it on special paper. You burnish the design on to the heated metal and then peel off the paper. The silver sheet is then floated on an acid bath. The exposed metal gets etched with the selected pattern. The metal is then floated in a neutralizing bath. The blue paper is scrubbed off using a solvent.

The pendant is cut away from the surrounding metal using a jeweler's saw. The edges are filed and sanded to make them smooth and soft.

This piece was polished and then patina was painted on. I was happy to get lovely blues and greens from the patina.

Dimensions: Diameter almost 2 inches.

This is a statement piece which I consider gender neutral. It will look handsome or beautiful on anyone.

Sterling silver snake chain.