Hindu Om pendant pure silver/ 24K Gold foil

Hindu Om Pendant

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 Om is the Sound of the Universe, according to ancient Hindu philosophy.

This pendant is made using Precious Metal silver clay. I have Om stamps which I press into the clay to get the impression. Once the clay has dried it is refined using flexible sanding pads. Once fired for 2 hours in the kiln a pure 999 silver medallion emerges. The Om is burnished with 24K Gold foil while the Sun ray pattern around it is accented with patina. 

Om is the first word in Hindu prayers while chanting the names of Gods. Songs of devotion or bhajans chant Om. Many people, both men and women, in India, wear an Om symbol around their necks.

Dimensions The medallion is 1 and 1/4 inch in diameter.

The sterling silver snake chain is 16 inches.