Ganesh pendant pure silver/ 24K Gold foil

Ganesh Pendant

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Please note, this specific Ganesh Pendant has recently sold. However, I just created a new one to celebrate Diwali. I have it in stock now. It will not be identical to the previous one since I start from scratch with each piece.

This pendant is of Ganesh the Remover of Obstacles. This was made using Precious metal clay which turns into pure 999 silver. It was burnished with 24K Gold foil and accented with patina. The piece is 3 dimensional.

The elegant neck wire is 17 inches with a hidden sliding clasp.

Ganesh is the elephant headed God in the Hindu pantheon. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati and has many attributes, the primary being, that he is the remover of obstacles and the scribe of the Mahabharata or great epic. Students pray to Ganesh before exams so that they may succeed. The festival of Ganesh in India is celebrated with a lot of joy, prayers and pujas or sacred offerings. 

Dimensions The pendant length is 1 and 1/2 inches and breadth a little over 1 inch.

It is on a neck wire as opposed to a chain.

I am able to make another Ganesh pendant. However it will look a little different than this one since I will start from scratch and the gold and patina may be applied differently.