Etched Japanese Purse Earrings

Etched Japanese Purse Earrings

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The pattern for these earrings is from my Japanese pattern book.

Etching is a fun but time consuming process. You start out with sheet sterling silver. You choose your pattern, in this case from my Japanese design book, and print it on special paper. You burnish the design on to the heated metal and then peel off the paper. The silver sheet is then floated on an acid bath. The exposed metal gets etched with the selected pattern. The metal is then floated in a neutralizing bath. The blue paper is scrubbed off using a solvent.

The earrings are cut away from the surrounding metal using a jeweler's saw. The edges are filed and sanded to make them smooth and soft.

The earrings were then painted on part of the pattern with patina to give them a blue and copper sheen.

These are elegant and stylish earrings.

Dimensions : 1 and 1/4 inch long. Almost 1 inch across at the widest part. Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons at an additional charge.