Etched enamel earrings two sided
Enameled copper earrings opaque/ stencil

Etched Copper Arrow Earrings Opaque Enamel, Two-Sided

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 These are copper earrings etched on one side, with opaque enamel and a stencil on the other side.

Etching is a time consuming but fun process. The designs I pick are printed onto special paper which is then burnished onto the heated copper sheet. The paper is peeled off leaving the design on the copper. The copper is suspended in an acid bath, the exposed surface gets etched. The metal is neutralized and scrubbed to remove the blue pattern. The pattern is cut out using a jeweler's saw, the edges are filed, and smoothed with sandpaper. The surface of the metal is scrubbed clean to accept the enamel.

The recessed areas of the etch were painted with black under glaze using a thin paint brush. After drying the surface was covered with transparent enamel and fired in the kiln.

The other side was covered with opaque enamel and a design stenciled on and fired. The earrings are two sided because there is a different pattern on each side.

The earrings can be worn with different outfits once the position of the ear wires is changed.

The etched side is arresting in appearance, the opaque stenciled side is playful and fun.

These are one of a kind 

Dimensions Length from the top of the ear wire 2 and 3/4 inches, diameter a little over 1 and a half inches

Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.