Earrings Hoops With Alexandrite Stone

Earrings Hoops With Alexandrite Stone

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These hoop earrings were made using Precious Metal silver clay. The texture was first pressed into the clay. The hoops were cut out using clay cutters. While the hoops were drying I made a bezel for the Alexandrite stone which got pressed into the bezel and dried. The bezel enclosing the stone was refined using a flexible sanding pad then affixed to the hoop using silver syringe clay. The assembled hoops were placed in the kiln to fire after they were dried and refined again.

The hoops were burnished with 24K Gold foil and patina was painted on for accent. The colors of the patina were lovely blues and purples which accentuated the purple of the Alexandrite stone.

These are lovely stylish earrings with a mixed metal look and blue and purple colors.

Dimensions: 1 inch diameter

Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.