Etched Enameled Earrings With Reverse Japanese Design

Etched Enameled Earrings With Reverse Japanese Design

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These are copper earrings which were etched and then enameled.

Etching is a fun but time consuming process. You start out with sheet copper. You choose your pattern, in this case from my Japanese design book, and print it on special blue PNP paper. You burnish the design on to the heated metal and then peel off the paper. The design remains on the metal. The copper sheet is then floated on an acid bath. The exposed metal gets etched with the selected pattern. Once the acid on the copper is neutralized the paper is scrubbed off with a solvent.

These earrings were cut out of the sheet using a jeweler's saw. The pieces were filed, then sanded to smooth them and the copper was scrubbed again to make it ready for enameling.

The back portion was enameled with counter enamel to have an equal weight of enamel on each side. The etched part was filled with black under glaze and dried. Golden clear transparent enamel was used to give the earrings the warm glow.

The pattern was reversed which makes them so interesting. These are lovely golden, warm looking earrings, very stylish and one of a kind.

Dimensions: 1 inch X 1 inch. The sterling silver ear wires are long so the resulting length is 2 inches

Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.