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Copper Cuff Etched Narrow Floral

Copper Cuff Etched Narrow Floral

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Etching takes a while. I picked out my pattern, from my Indian pattern book, and copied it onto a special paper. I heated the copper sheet and  burnished the paper onto the metal. The paper was peeled off the metal. The copper was floated in a warmed bath of a mild acid which etched into the unprotected part of the copper. After the etch was sufficiently deep the metal was put in a neutralizing bath. The blue pattern paper was scrubbed off with a solvent.

The cuff was sawed out with a jewelers saw, filed and sanded to make it smooth. It was then polished, The cuff was formed on a bracelet mandrel and painted with patina to get the lovely blues, greens and reds.

The cuff is delicate and for a small wrist.

Dimensions: 4 and 3/4 inches X 3/4 inch


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