Tiger Eye Earrings With Gingko Leaf Pattern And Pebble Texture

Tiger Eye Earrings With Gingko Leaf Pattern And Pebble Texture

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These earrings were made using Precious metal clay to start out with. I cut the pattern from a stencil after texturing them with a pebble pattern. I set a bezel at the lower end and draped a gingko leaf pattern around the bezel. 

After firing in the kiln for 2 hours what emerged was pure 999 silver earrings which I burnished with 24K Gold foil just on top of the Gingko leaf. The Tiger eye was set into the bezel cup. I accented the silver with patina to get green and blue shimmering colors.

 I love the shimmer of Tiger eye as well as Gingko leaves. It just occurred to me that the two would go well together. I used to have Gingko leaf trees outside my office when I worked as a psychiatrist. I have an affection for their shape, texture and changing color. The leaves progress from tiny bright green shoots  in spring to large green leaves, then yellow leaves before they fall in autumn and winter.

These earrings are simple, graceful and arresting.

Dimensions 1 inch X 3/4 inch

Sterling silver ear wires. These can be switched to comfortable sterling silver clip ons for an additional charge.